Grace Lutheran News

Thanksgiving Day Service

Thanksgiving Day 10:00am

Join us for a special service for Thanksgiving called “In Thankfulness and Praise.” This service provides us with an opportunity to express thankfulness and praise to our God for all his goodness to us. Let the Scripture, sermon and songs allow us to show great gratitude to our God on this holiday.

Gingerbread House Contest


December 3rd from 9:30 – 2:30 in the Fellowship Hall. The Family Life team will provide lunch
and a hot chocolate bar!
Rules for the Gingerbread Competition
1. All contestants will receive a Gingerbread House kit and a presentation board.
2. ALL parts of the house including candy and embellishments MUST BE EDIBLE.
(Exception: Hot Glue to secure your structure.)
3. Must be completed within the time frame: 9:30 – 2:30 the day of the event.
4. Suggestion: only a small amount of candy comes in the kit. You are welcome to bring
your own candy or edible materials.
5. Do not use materials from the Hot Chocolate Bar. (refreshments)
6. Winner will receive bragging rights, a Newsletter write-up and a prize! Also, the
winner’s portrait will be featured in our new Gingerbread Competition Spotlight!
7. All judging will take place on Sunday morning by the members of Grace.

Advent Midweek / Christmas 2022

The Advent Midweek theme for 2022 is “This Is My Son.” Midweek services will be held at 12pm and 7pm.

November 30th – This Is My Son: Cain

December 7th – This Is My Son: Ishmael

December 14th – This Is My Son Absalom

December 24th – A Royal Christmas (Children-Led at 6:00pm)

– Be Born In Us Today Bringing Light (Candlelight at 10:00pm)

December 25th – This Is My Son: Son of Man and Son of God (10:00 am w/Holy Communion)