Milestone Ministries

As part of our Family Life Ministry here are some of the current Milestone Ministry occasions for the family of Grace:

  • Holy Baptism—A child or adult is welcomed into the family of God and we celebrate this great news of God’s promise as they receive the riches of God’s grace as a called child of God.
  • Cradle Roll Ministry—Assists and encourage new parents and parents of children from birth to three years of age in teaching and nurturing their children in the Lord remembering their Baptism. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Parents receive a variety of materials bi-monthly for the first year, and semiannually the second and third years. The items include a baptism book, growth calendar, music CD, growth/developmental pamphlets, and a Bible story book. These resources assist the church in keeping a connection with the child and his family until the child is ready for Sunday School.
  • Backpack Blessing – Before the beginning of school those entering Kindergarten come to the divine service with the backpack and it is blessed and they are given a backpack tag and the parents are given a resource to encourage their child throughout the school year.
  • Bible Arrival—Every August those who are in Kindergarten or who have not yet received a Bible receive a Bible in the Divine Service so they can read and mark their own Bible as their study the Christian faith both at home with their parents and at church.
  • Faith Formation—Every year those entering into 3rd grade will receive a Catechism in a Divine Service as they enter into the developmental stages of their catechetical life so they can use the Bible as their foundation and the Catechism as the supplement to teach them the six chief parts of the Catechism.
  • Confirmation—With special recognition, we celebrate the confirmands confirmation of their faith with specific gifts that will reminds them of their faith in their Savior and Lord Jesus Christ reminding the confirmands to continue to walk their Baptismal life throughout their whole life confessing Christ and being a witness fit to serve Him.
  • Entering High School-This can be a challenging time so we equip our freshmen with prayer and blessings from the Lord as well as a devotion book geared especially for those in high school.
  • High School Graduation—As members graduate from High School, it is a very formative stage and we want to appreciate this milestone and recognize their achievement while also stressing them to reaffirm their identity in Christ, bless them as they enter a new stage of life which will have it challenges, and continue to pray for them.
  • Anniversary celebrations—In September married couples celebrating first anniversaries and anniversaries of every five years and any after 50 years will be recognized by the congregation and will have a special dinner to recognize specific anniversary celebrations.
  • Retirement recognition—Any time someone retires from their vocation we will celebrate and recognize their vocational achievements and pray for them as they enter a different, transitional stage in their life.