Who We Are

Grace is a gathering of missional people living out their Baptismal Journey on a daily basis through all eternity.

As a missional congregation we believe in a triune God of love that . . .

  • Created all that is seen and unseen.
  • Came into the world so that we might be united with Him.
  • Continues to come, even today, so that we can experience His grace and love now and in all eternity.

God has not only come to us in His Son Jesus, but He continues to come to us through the blessings of His Word and Sacraments. Through these He restores us to Himself and fills us with a passion and mission to take these same blessings into the fallen world.

In our Baptism the Holy Spirit gives each of us unique gifts and opportunities to be the face, hands, feet and voice of Christ to the world.

We live out the Grace of our Baptism through . . .

  • Lauding – Singing the praises of God.
  • Learning – Daily encountering the voice of God as it is heard in the Scriptures, the Divine Service and the Conversation/Consolation of the Saints. 
  • Loving – Having a deep and continual care for those gathered under the Cross.
  • Living – Using our daily life and circumstances to show and tell of God’s love.

Equipped with a missional passion through Word and Sacrament, the people of Grace take the love of God into a troubled and turbulent world in all they do and say. That world is never further than those around us, nor closer than those of other cultures.