Officers, Ministry Board Chairs, Ministry Team Leaders and Goverance Committtee

Elected Officers

Will Krueger, President
Thomas Wolfmueller, Vice-President
Aaron Hobratschk, Treasurer
Larissa Keller, Congregational Secretary

Ministry Board of Business Administration

Matt Walsh, Chair
Team Leaders:
Insurance, Benefits, Contracts: Kyle Patterson
Budget Process: Open
Audits/Records: Gina Zimmerman
Columbarium: Sharon Burks

Minstry Board of Children, Youth and Family Life

Ryan Hamilton, Chair
Team Leaders:
Children (Primary): Jamie Moerbe 
Chidren (Preteen): Michelle Hayden
Youth (Junior High): Ross Klabon
Youth (High School): Natalie Keesee
Family Life: Cindy Hilton

Ministry Board of Congregational Life

Vicki Byars, Chair
Team Leaders:
Member Involvement: Michelle Boyles
Stewardship: Open
Connection Groups: Open 
Fellowship: Margie Norton
Publicity & Media: Open

Ministry Board of Early Childhood Program

Sandra Parsley, Chair

Team Leaders:

Accreditation: Lenae Beran

Policy: Larissa Keller
Finances: Kelli Jones
Special Projects: Jason Hawkins

Ministry Board of Elders

Dennis Wehmeyer, Chair
Team Leaders:
Family Flocks: Will Krueger
Worship & Music: Mark Zimmerman
Altar Guild: Pete Lufholm
Ushers: Steve DeShaw
Stephen Ministry: Brent Keesee
At Large:  Josh Jones, Tim Benton, Jim DeBerry, Todd Byars,  Thomas Wolfmueller.

Ministry Board of Facilities

Gary Parsley, Chair
Team Leaders:
Operations: Todd Byars
Renovations: Mark Pelletier
Inspections/Inventory/Rental: Gary Pipes
IT: Jerry Gilmore

Ministry Board of Outreach

Open, Chair
Team Leaders:
Local Mission: Open
VBS: Open
Global Mission: Natalie Keesee
Endowments: Teresa Clingman-DeShaw 

Goverance Committee

Four Elected Officers
Two At-Large members: Tim Benton and Mina Fitting