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The Lutheran Women's Missionary League Texas District serves all of Texas except El Paso. Current Membership as of March 2013:  3,685 members in 249 societies; 17 Individual Members; 3,702 Total Membership; 222 units (220 congregations and 2 universities) & 28 zones.  Texas represents a large mission field in itself. The LWML in Texas creates opportunities for Lutheran women to become more involved in Bible study and more aware of the need for outreach to people around them in need of the words of hope that are valid only in Christ.


Parish Worker meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the home of one of the members.



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Scripture Verse: [Jesus said:] “… but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life”. (John 4:14)

The 2012-2014 Vision of the Texas District of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League:

  1. Grow in the Lord by seeking guidance, encouragement and inspiration through intentional study of the Word.
  2. Value All women by welcoming, mentoring and encouraging them to be active partners in the shared mission of LWML.

Live the mission by daily witnessing the saving grace of God.


Parish Workers Plans (Primary Targets) 2012-2014



Member Development:


  1. Guinea Pig Tasting
  2. LWML

Training & Inspiration:

  1. Group & personal Bible Study
  2. LWML Meetings - Local, Zone, Texas District and National

Building Up Grace Lutheran Congregation:

  1. Father/Daughter Banquet – (Mission Board Project; Parish Workers assist)
  2. Confirmation: Prayer Pals (daily prayer, small gifts, etc.), Reception
  3. Support of GLC Youth activities
  4. Teen (age 13-18) LWML Event
  5. Christian Service – as needed for bereaved, hospitalized or sick
  6. Mite Box Buddy - Give a Mite Box and a Mite Grants list (from Texas District LWML website) to a church member friend and remind them to pray about/for those grants. They can drop Mite Box contents into the big Mite Box located in the Foyer in the 1st Sunday of each month.

Serving in Midland:

  1. Safe Place Project – Christmas (diapers & formula & monetary gifts)
  2. High Sky Children’s Ranch Project
  3. Visit Grace “Don’t Get Out Much” Ladies
  4. Community Service (via quarterly groups that visit GLC)

Serving Beyond:

  1. MITES – monthly:  EVERY MEMBER ($0.11/day)
  2. Financial support for the Food Bank at Concordia, Ft. Wayne – monthly society minimum of $50
  3. Lutheran World Relief Project – STAMPS & LABELS
  4. Lutheran World Relief Kits
  5. Support for Adult Mission Trip (Peru) providing prayer, financial and/or family assistance

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