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Grace Lutheran 1948History of Our Church

The story of Grace Lutheran Church is a story of God’s grace.  In the early 1920s several families of German Lutheran heritage settled on farms outside the little town of Midland.  In time they arranged for a visiting pastor to conduct services in the farmers’ homes on an occasional basis.  As more Lutherans came to the area, Rev. W.G. Buchschacher from Big Spring conducted regular Sunday afternoon Lutheran services in the First Presbyterian Church. 

By 1930 the group consisted of fifteen communicant members and a total of twenty-six souls.  After one Sunday afternoon service, the minister asked the congregation to remain for a meeting.  He suggested the group formally organize a church.  The idea was met with enthusiasm, and after a brief discussion, it was resolved to do so.  It was also decided that the eligible voters meet at the home of Gerhard Synatschk that very evening.

Gathered around a kitchen table and working by the light of a kerosene lamp the five charter members reviewed a sample church constitution provided by Pastor Buchschacher.  Each article was read, discussed and changed as needed.

The men met again the following evening at the home of J.S. Schow and voted to name the church Grace Lutheran.  Again they discussed each article, made some amendments, adopted the constitution and declared their intentions to sign the document.  The date was January 29, 1930.

Pastor Becker

The WWII pilots and petroleum of the 1940s brought about a substantial increase in membership, and in 1947 the congregation built its first church on the corner of Wall and J Streets.  Continued growth brought about the building of the present church in 1969 followed by the expansion in 1998. Futher expansions of our campus occured in 2012 and 2016.

Since September 2000 Grace is served by its ninth resident pastor, Reverend Robert J. Pase. He became Senior Pastor in July 2017 for that is when the Reverend Phillip Allman was ordained and installed as Associate Pastor of Children, Youth and Famiy Life Ministry.


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